Uptown Funk Choir Version a Capella


This song popularized by Bruno Mar’s is now available for choirs and vocal groups in a fun challenging arrangement – Uptown Funk Choir a cappella music sheet. Perfect for your concerts and performances. https://www.facebook.com/orlymetillo/videos/2208164025861916/

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Uptown Funk Choir Version

This Uptown Funk choir version (SATB) is a must-have for your choir.

Words and music by Bruno Mars, Jeff Bhasker, Philip Lawrence, Devon Gallaspy, Mark Ronson, Nicholaus Williams, Lonnie Simmons, Ronnie Wilson, Charles Wilson, Rudolph Taylor, and Robert Wilson

Uptown Funk SATB Acapella – a famous song by Bruno Mars arranged for choir performance in a cappella setting. Arranged by Fernan Globen S. Talonding of Bem Orchestrator Productions.

Uptown Funk Choir Acappella music sheet is available for download upon purchase.

Fun and Challenging Version of Uptown Funk Choir a Cappella

Uptown Funk Choir a cappella is the contest piece for the GSYF Choral Competition 2016.

A must-have arrangement for any vocal group or choir that will surely have your audience moving to the beat.

Additional information

Key Signature

This arrangement is in the key of F


Fernan Globen S. Talonding

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