For Good Duet and Choir a cappella 2020


A Duet and Choir a Capella arrangement from the musical – Wicked. This arrangement is a moving ballad for 2 soloist accompanied by a rich texture of choir music.

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About the Product: For Good Duet and Choir a cappella

For Good Duet and Choir a Capella is arranged by Fernan Globen S. Talonding of Bem Orchestrator Productions.

This song is from the musical wicked which revolves around the story of different beings who changed each other.

The GSYF Choral Competition used this artwork as their contest piece.

Details of this choral arrangement are as follows:

  • It is in the key of G flat.
  • A rich polyphonic array of chordal harmonies from start to finish.
  • Highlights two (2) vocal solos accompanied by a choir.

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For Good

UM Chorale of Davao City won for the second time as grand champion of the Gensan Summer Youth Fest Choral Competition 2017.Contest Piece is arranged by Bem Talonding

Posted by Bem Orchestrator Productions on Thursday, May 4, 2017


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