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Munting Sanggol – GYC & Friends

Gensan Youth Choir Sings "Munting Sanggol"

The year 2020 will be remembered as one of the weirdest and most challenging years in history. The death of an NBA Legend Kobe Bryant, the introduction of the Coronavirus, and when the Philippines suffered great loss from Typhoon Ulysses in November.

Although we care so much about people suffering and the events that are going on, we also would want to remind everyone that there’s still hope in the world today.

The General Santos City Youth Choir recording their version of “Munting Sanggol” by Maestro Ryan Cayabyab and invited some friends to sing with them.

This post may be turn old as time goes by but, when you stumble upon this post on Google, remember to never forget Christ came into this world to bring hope and salvation.

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Get More Facebook Likes Without Begging For It In 2020

Do you post any of the following captions on Facebook?

Hi guys! Please like my song.

Please follow me on YouTube and like my content.

Let us support each other, like my song, and I will like yours.

Sounds familiar? Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the wrong way of marketing your music online, it isn’t the best.

You see, it sounds more like begging, and I believe there are better and dignified ways to promote your stuff or your music online.

Your goals by the end of this post are:

So, if you want to know how to start promoting your music and other content formats properly, let’s get started.

Support A Friend and Get More Facebook Likes Myth

get more facebook likes

Almost every budding artist who just started to learn how to use the internet and social media to promote their content falls into the trap of begging for likes and follows without them realizing it.

I know it because I used to do it myself until I realized that people are starting to get annoyed with what I was doing.

The Empathy Turned Begging Marketing Strategy

On the surface, there seems to be nothing wrong with this post, but if we take a closer look, we can learn a thing or two from it.

Although there is nothing wrong with helping out a friend, it is also not a good formula for building your brand. I am referring to the approach where you knock on everyone’s conscience that it is their duty as friends to support you or your business.

Here are some good practices you can implement when you are sharing your content online and building your followers.

Value of Content First Before Asking For Likes and Subscriptions

It’s pretty annoying when someone is asking for likes and subscriptions while their video, article, or whatever content format is not even tolerable at best.

When you are creating content, whether it’s a music video, a vlog, or an article like this one, it should have something of value if you are aiming to get more Facebook likes.

People need to know what they are signing up for. Is it worth their time watching, listening or reading?

It’s your job as content creator to ensure that people get what they want and you deliver more than what you’ve promised them.

Don't Wait To Be An Expert To Start Building Content.

I mentioned above that content should be valuable in whatever format you offer your audience. Most people would then switch to a default mode that says, “I am not an expert in my field.”

That right there, is another reason why most artists don’t grow an audience online.

Do not wait to become the leading expert in your field. You will always be above someone else. The truth is that the knowledge you impart will always find its way to someone who needs it.

Whatever you have right now, start with it, but do remember to add value as much as you can.

How To Add Value To Your Content?

Valuable content is any piece of content that contains information that your audience cannot get somewhere else.

It does not have to be original, because you can create a recording of your version of someone else’s song – it’s called a cover version.

You just need to add your sound, your touch, and perspective to a particular topic or song to make it valuable.

Here are some ideas that can give you insights into what valuable contents are and help you get more Facebook likes.

Educate People With Your Content

Now, more than ever before, people use the internet to learn something new. Whether they want to learn how to cook, play basketball, or produce music, they are looking for content that can help them.

My entire website is a music education site that provides education for those who want to learn how to write songs and produce their music.

My content is valuable for certain people who are looking to be educated in these areas. I created a video and wrote an article on this topic to inform people who want to produce music at home.

An example of a post that educates is this article I created about a complete guide if you want setup your home recording studio.

Provides Answers To Questions

Every day people are using the internet to find answers to their questions. If you can provide solutions to their inquiries, they will want to watch or read your content. This is one of the best ways to get more Facebook likes.

It’s a powerful way to make someone become a subscriber because you have given them valuable information to something they are looking for.

It’s much like educating people with your content, but answering questions is a more specific, more targeted approach.

If you want to educate people, it tends to call upon the general audience who may have come across your video or your post.

Whereas, if you answer a specific question, you narrow down your target audience. For example, this post that I wrote for people who are judging a singing competition. I provide answers to people who are asking how exactly do you judge a singing competition.

Offer A Step by Step Solution To A Problem

Another way to attract people to like your post is to offer a solution to their problem. It’s almost the same approach as providing an answer to someone’s question.

The significant difference in this approach is that you offer a step by step process to solve the problem that people have.

This falls into the category of tutorials and guides. 

Make Your Content Engaging or Entertaining

The attention span is very short these days, and it will only grow shorter as more content is readily available online.

If you want to get followers and subscribers, make sure that whatever you post online should be very entertaining or engaging.

Some people want to be entertained while some want to learn. However they want to consume content online, you need to make your content entertaining. Doing so will ensure you get more Facebook likes.

You can do that in many ways, like creating a catchy intro, making memes, or whatever strategy you know that works. Do not be scared to experiment until you get to a point where your contents are entertaining.

Be Relevant and Informative

Never waste people’s time. This is where a lot of content creators fail. Time is something that you cannot take back once you give it away.

Have you ever watched a video so bad that you regretted watching it, and it felt like you wasted a few minutes of your life?

Do not scam people by writing an exciting title, and your content is irrelevant. That is called click-baiting, and people hate that.

When people offer their time to watch, listen, or read your content, it means that they value your substance. It would be an insult to their time spent if you are not relevant or informative.

One example I do to let people know I value their time spent on my website, and all my content is offering them this beautifully created eBook.

Your Title Says It All

The quote is from a marketing legend known for his amazing headlines that attract readers.

Remember to write amazing or, at the very least, attractive headlines. Today, people are bombarded with a ton of content online, and you need to find ways to make your content stand out.

An engaging headline can make all the difference. Let me show you.

Let’s say you’ve created a video tutorial on how to record your vocals. Which of the two headlines below do you think will get more attention? Which of them will get more Facebook likes?

Headline number two will win the competition every day of the week!

The second headline uses power words that trigger or call upon the emotion of your reader. 

Using words like ultimate and commercial radio quality makes all the difference.

Someone searching a guide for recording vocals online would most probably choose to click on the second headline.

Does that mean the first headline won’t get any attention? No! It will get attention, but it will get way too less attention than the second headline.

Audio Is King For Podcast and Video Content Makers

The vast majority of new content makers do not know this concept, but this will make or break your videos or podcast.

Remember, people can forgive the wrong camera angle or frame, especially when the content creator is starting and doesn’t know much about videography.

People can tolerate that as long as the content is engaging and valuable.

But, people can never forgive a poorly recorded audio. Whether you are podcasting or making music videos, never sacrifice audio quality. People can’t tolerate poor sound.

Convince People Instead of
Begging For Likes

Now that we know the importance of value-added content and why it matters, it’s time that you learn to convince people to like your content instead of begging for their likes.


  • Convincing them is suitable for brand building.

  • People buy something at the store because they have made up their minds, and all their barriers are broken down. They happily give up their money because of that item.

  • The same is true, with online content on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media platforms.

  • If your video is fantastic, you do not need to beg them to subscribe. They will happily do it for you.

Device Slider

Not Everyone Will Like It So Chill and Keep Going

If you want to get more Facebook likes then start thinking like it’s building a business in the real world. It takes time, effort, and for some, even money.

Each time you publish a music video, a podcast, or an article, not everyone will like it. Heck, not everyone will watch, listen, or read it either.

So do not obsess yourself with the number and the analytics, instead, keep going with the intention to publish content so that you could help or entertain someone out there.

But do remember always to make better content each time you publish.

Understanding The Facebook Algorithm

If you haven’t noticed it yet, Facebook tracks user behavior. There are algorithm behaviors you need to watch to get more Facebook likes.

When you do not interact with certain people on Facebook, they don’t show on your news feed.

When you don’t like a particular video or a specific ad on Facebook and skip or close it, Facebook remembers that and avoids showing you those ads.

If you post a music video online, and you tag people who aren’t interested in music, Facebook remembers that behavior.

Your understanding of the algorithm is essential with your content promotion. Knowing who to target and how to target your audience is as crucial as planning your next music video.

Does That Mean I Need To Stop Asking For Likes?

Heck NO! It only means you need to start sharing your content with the relevant people who will be interested in your content. Not everyone on your Facebook friend list will take an interest in your post.

It may be a smaller number of fans, but they will more likely engage. Meaning, you will have a higher conversion rate because you’ve reached the right people.

Now, these people will more likely want to share your content because it’s within their interest. Think about it, if you’ve targeted ten people who are interested in your content and those 10 share them on their social profiles, your content reach multiplies even more and you get more Facebook likes.

That’s why we call it Social Networking.

The Best Way To Ask For Likes

Instead of simply asking your friends to like your page, tell them to engage or react to your post. Leave a comment or share the content.

A kind reminder, if you have already done the initial requirements of how to make value-added content, asking for friends to engage won’t be that hard anymore.

The more interaction you get with your small targeted audience will slowly bring your content to a broader audience.

Tips to earn money with music

6 Fantastic Ways To Make Money With Your Music Online

We are all suffering; the economy is changing and shifting to a new phase. A large number of businesses are now turning their attention to doing things online. We need to lean how to make money with your music online.

For musicians around the globe, the same can be considered true. If you are affected by our current situation, then you need to find the alternatives available online for your music.

Warning! A Friendly Reminder

We won’t be talking about a quick-rich scheme here. Far from it! Remember the following before watching this entire video.

Proper Mindset

I need you to know that if something is too good to be true, it probably is not true at all. Nothing happens overnight. You are not going to sleep and wake up with lots of money raining over your head.


You also need to commit yourself to do the things I will be sharing with you if you want to make them work. If you will start working on any of the ideas mentioned in this article, make sure to finish them and commit to it.

Offer Value

Most of the things I will be sharing will include offering your music or your music services to people. So remember always to offer the best value you can to ensure that people will patronize your craft.

Build An Audience

It is essential to build your audience online because, more likely than not, they will be the first to watch, recommend, or even purchase your music.

Now that we’ve already taken care of the warnings. 

Let’s make money with your music online and let’s get going!


Publish And Sell Your Music

make money with your music online
Image From Statistica

Music Streaming

As of 2019, Music Streaming hit a milestone of epic proportions, which is a trillion streams to close that year. People are consuming audio through online streaming more and more each year. That is something you should be taking advantage of.

Put your music online for streaming and get paid for it!

There are plenty of streaming platforms where you can submit your music. To name a few, that would be

When you publish your music on these platforms, two things happen.

One is you get to publish your music into the world, and people hear it, and it builds your name as you also create an audience. 

Two, each time someone plays or stream your music on platforms like Spotify, you earn a certain amount of money just by letting others hear your music.

Sell Your Content On iTunes

You can also make money online by publishing and selling your music on iTunes. I separated iTunes from our list of digital platforms because it’s not a streaming platform.

People buy your music here, and they get a downloadable copy straight into their phones, mobile devices, or computer.

How Do You Publish On These Stores?

So how exactly do you publish your music on these companies? Well, you can’t! You need a distribution service to do that for you. They are called aggregates, and you pay them a certain so you can publish your music in the stores we’ve mentioned.

I personally use Distrokid

You can also try CD Baby, Tunecore, Ditto Music and other known distributors online.

Sell Stock Music Online

If you are a prolific producer or songwriter and you like to produce tracks, you might want to consider selling stock music.

Audio Jungle and Envato Market

Arguably the most significant source of online stock media items like photos, web graphics, and of course, stock music.

They have a large crowd of buyers looking for a good soundtrack for their project. All you have to do is open an account as a publisher, which is free and upload the best tracks you possibly can produce.

Oh, by the way, Audio Jungle checks your work for approval, and the downside to that is they take quite a while before approving or disapproving your tracks.

On the good side, once your track has been approved, it can sell over and over again as long as people find it to their liking.

Pond 5

Another website or company that does exactly what the audio jungle and Envato does is Pond5. This is also a known source for stock music online, and if you need a place to publish your stock music, you should consider uploading your tracks here.

They also have a screening process if you want to be part of their platform.


Open A YouTube Channel

Now let’s talk about YouTube!

I’m pretty sure you’ve already heard people earning money from publishing their music on YouTube. Well, I suggest you start creating your YouTube channel right now and start working.

Remember when I said that this doesn’t happen overnight? Because uploading videos on YouTube is only half of the story. The other half is when you need to work your ass off to be a YouTube partner.

How do you do that?

Well, YouTube needs you to have at least 1,000 subscribers and have at least 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months.

Quite a requirement, right? Well, it’s all worth it once you are in their program because ads will show on your YouTube video, and you get paid when this happens.

So my suggestion is, start working on your YouTube channel if you want to consider using this platform.

Facebook Monetization

The most prominent social media on the planet is also one of the best places where you can get some revenue with your music. But just like Youtube, you need to do some work to make this happen.

Create a Facebook page and start sharing your music or content that is valuable for your followers to consume. That can be your behind the scenes or your music videos or even tutorials. 

You need to do so because Facebook needs you to get to 10,000 followers before you can start monetizing your videos.

So while building that 10,000 armies of followers, you can also share your links from Spotify or iTunes on to your Facebook page. This way, you can generate revenue while slowly trying to get the requirement for Facebook monetization.

You can also connect your website store using Facebook pixel if you have one.


Crowd Funding… I have to be honest with you, I have never done much crowdfunding myself, but I did a little digging. I realized that I should include this in my list of ways to earn money with our music online.


Patreon allows your fans to support your musical endeavors by pledging a certain amount of money per month in exchange for fun things that you can offer them.

This platform is not only for musicians but for other people with exceptional talents who are creating fantastic content online.

They will take a cut on the pledges you have gathered since you are using their system to do so. Fair enough if you were to ask me. 


Another crowdfunding platform you can try is Go Fund Me.

Think of it like Paypal, but more design to raise funds for a cause. It’s a secure way to generate payments through electronic means or donations. You can create a campaign to tell people what you need, set a goal of how much you hope to raise, and then describe through a story or photos why you need the money.

Teach Or Create A Course Online

Of all the ways on how you can earn money from your music online, my favorite would be teaching. Teaching can come in many ways, like offering a one-on-one lesson online. But I have a better suggestion.

Offer a course or a mini-course online. Before I tell you why it’s a better option than teaching one on one, let us first check 3 of my recommended websites on where you can sell your courses.


Udemy is one of the most significant sources of learning materials online in the form of video instructions. If you are a music student looking for a solution to your musical frustrations, go check out udemy and find the course that matches your needs.

But if you want to publish a course about how to play guitar for beginners or how to produce music like a pro, then you can do that in Udemy.

Just check their page on how to publish your course on their website.


One of my personal favorites and go-to websites, when I want to learn something new, is Skillshare. Just like Udemy, you can find high-quality instructions and courses to address your desire to learn something.

You can also publish your course and help others learn while you get paid. Check out their help center if you want to start posting your excellent course on their website.

Lynda or LinkedIn Learning

The third website I’m recommending if you want to publish your teaching material is Lynda which is now also called LinkedIn Learning.

It’s the same with Udemy and Skillshare; you can find excellent courses to help you understand a topic. One good point where Lynda stands out is that they always publish high-quality video instructions on their platform.

They also have a dedicated page to instruct you on how to become a publisher on their website.

Why Create A Course Online?

First, I want to tell you that you don’t have to be an expert to start teaching others. Whatever you are good at will be more than enough to help someone learn it. Someone out there will benefit if you create a course.

That course can be how to play guitar for beginners, how to bake a cake or whatever you are good at.  Any topic you decide to create will eventually make money with your music online.

Here are the reasons why you should consider building a course.

Start To Make Money With Your Music Online Today!

Well, there you have it, folks! We’ve covered some ideas that can help you generate funds at home while enjoying your music.

I strongly suggest you start building your online presence now. We’ve already established the fact that doing any of these things doesn’t happen overnight.

So, the best time to make money with your music online is today!

What do you think of this list? Did you think I missed something or is the list helpful? Let me know in the comments below

money making ideast at home with girls

7 Great Money Making Ideas At Home For Musicians or Freelancers

Invest your currency on the best money making ideas at home when you want to be successful. Someone said that there are only two critical ingredients for success – skill and opportunity. We all know that opportunity only knocks once, or maybe a couple of times, but it’s scarce.

Now, the best thing to do is to improve your skills. Improve as much as you can so that when the opportunity finally knocks, your skill is more than ready to open that door.

Money Making Ideas At Home You Should Try

The world is currently on lockdown because of the coronavirus pandemic. Everyone seems to be itching to go outside because of the boredom they are experiencing.

You don’t have to get bored. Right now is the perfect opportunity to learn new skills and ideas that can ultimately lead you to earn money. 


I’m not offering a quick win solution or an abracadabra way to earn. I am offering something that can do the following:

  • Take the boredom out of your lockdown experience
  • Invest in your skills and potentially convert that into an income-generating opportunity.

So without further ado, here are 10 things you can do at home right now, which can potentially lead you to earn money.

Update Your Profile on LinkedIn

First in the list of money making ideas at home is all about how to take advantage of LinkedIn.

If you are active on Facebook and Twitter posting memes and political ideas (which is not bad), then you should be investing your time also building up your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn is a social networking site for professional networking and career development. It’s the most prominent place where the most significant companies go to look and hire people. It is where business owners find possible business opportunities and network.

It’s like Facebook, people can view your profile, but they aren’t there to look for a beautiful photo of you and see how many likes you’ve got. They are there to look at your profile and see if you are a match for their need.

This is my LinkedIn profile.

money making ideas at home

You can see that I have a job description under my profile name. It lets people know what my skills, strength, and if I could be a match for what they are looking for.

You can also create a list of experiences on your profile dashboard.

My profile is a bit long, so I only took a portion of the screen and cropped it. People who visit your LinkedIn profile will know more about your professional background.

So, what if you don’t have much of an experience?

Don’t worry, that’s precisely why this social platform was created – for you to grow. Many companies on LinkedIn are looking to hire freelancers, and that’s a perfect opportunity for you to earn dollars.

So I suggest you start creating and building your LinkedIn profile right now because it can generate money for you in the long run.

Update Your Upwork Profile

Second in the list of money making ideas at home is the use of Upwork. Upwork is the perfect place for freelancers who are looking for a job. It’s a website dedicated to job postings and related stuff.

Thousands or more are always on the lookout to hire freelancers there on Upwork. You can also create a profile and highlight all your skills.

The main difference here compared to LinkedIn is that you have to apply for a job if you are still starting.

Here’s a screenshot of my newsfeed. Unlike Facebook that shows you what people have in their minds or the next meme they created, Upwork is all about jobs and money-making.

Much like LinkedIn, you can also update your profile and give employers an overview of who you are and what your skills are.

I haven’t updated my Upwork account for some time now since I am busy doing other client works.

So, instead of killing yourself with boredom, I suggest you create an Upwork account and start building your profile now.

Learn WordPress and Create Your Website

Stop right there! This is not hard and definitely a part of our money making ideas at home.

No, I’m not saying you have to build a website from scratch and learn all the hard work of coding. Today, people who don’t know how to code can create websites via what we call CMS – Content Management System.

A Content Management System is software that helps users create and update their websites without the need to learn all the complicated technical stuff like coding.

There are a lot of content management systems out there, but I recommend that you learn WordPress. WordPress is a CMS software that lets users create their websites easily. 

So that you know, the WhiteHouse uses WordPress for its website, and Microsoft uses it too to power its blog.

What Kind Of Website Can WordPress Make?

You can create any kind of website with WordPress.

  • Business websites
  • eCommerce stores
  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Social networks
  • Membership sites
  • …anything that you want to create for a website.

How Can I Make Money With A Website?

There are many ways you can generate funds or sales if you have a website. 

  • Sell a product
  • Join an affiliate program and place it in your site
  • Be a partner with AdSense and put ads on your site
  • You can accept donations through your website
  • Generate leads for other companies
  • And more

To learn more about how to create a website using WordPress, you can check this link. 

Open A YouTube Channel

Now, we are on the fourth of the list of money making ideas at home. If you are a musician, a singer, songwriter, or someone who likes to create videos or content through videos, then you should open a youtube account.

Word of warning, though…

It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

When I say it’s not easy, I mean it’s not easy. Unless you go viral overnight, you usually need to do the hard work to create an income stream from your YouTube Channel.

The Good News – It’s A Passive Income

Imagine making music or doing what you love and creating a video online then get paid for it? That’s precisely how YouTube operates. It’s a passive income that can generate enough money or more if done right.

This is what my YouTube channel looks like, and it’s earnings. It may not be much, but I don’t overthink it. I just upload music videos and now and then I get paid. Mind you; Youtube pays a minimum of $100.

So, How Does It Work?

Back then, the moment you upload a video on YouTube, you are already entitled to their monetization program. This led to a lot of spammers and people trying to manipulate the algorithm.

So to battle the spammers on YouTube, they have set a standard before you get to have your account monetized.

Today you have to have…

A minimum of 1,000 subscribers

A minimum watch time of 4,000 hours


So my advice would be to start creating content that can solve other people’s problems but at the same time is something you love to talk about or create.

Doing so will take you away from thinking of trying to monetize your video. Still, YouTube is an excellent way of channeling and investing your time in something that can generate money for you.

Monetize Your Facebook Account

Did you know that you can monetize your social media accounts? Yes! You definitely can! That’s the 5th in our list of our money making ideas at home for musicians or freelancers.

While most people use their social media posting their day to day activities like the food they ate or the places they’ve been, others are using it to generate income.

If you have a Facebook account, here are some things you can do to generate a possible income stream.

  • Sell a home-made product via a Facebook page
  • Offer a tutorial online using your Facebook account
  • When you get to 10k likes or followers, your Facebook page can be monetized just like YouTube so upload some relevant content
  • Make Direct Sales on either your private profile or Facebook page
  • Learn Video Marketing To Attract Possible Customers

These are only a few ideas of what you can do with your Facebook account. The more you dig deeper into how you can monetize your profile, the more you will learn that there are a ton of technical ideas you can do to generate an income stream with your social media account.

Learn How To Blog or Vlog

What Is A Blog?

Moving on to the 6th in the list of money making ideas at home is how to blog or vlog. A blog is a short term for “Weblog,” which is an online journal that contains informational material on a website.

This skill is in connection with having a website. You write information on things that you love to do or something that you know of.

No! You don’t have to be an expert writer (although it’s an advantage). 

What Can You Blog About?

There are many things that you can write or blog about, but I always suggest to offer a solution to someone’s problem.

For example. I wrote this article to solve boredom—the boredom of those who are quarantined at home and make use of their time. So people who need an answer to this specific question will find time to read this article.

You can create the following blogs if you want.

  • Music Tutorial
  • Math Lessons
  • How To Cook
  • How To Play A Piano or Guitar
  • Lovelife Lessons
  • Your imagination is the limit.

What Is A Vlog?

A Vlog is a video documentation of someone’s life. If you are stuck at home and you want your friends and the world to know what you are doing, you can vlog about it.

A lot of celebrities and ordinary people are doing it. It’s fun, and you get to share your daily activities with friends and followers.

Here’s an excellent article explaining further what’s the difference between a vlogger and a blogger.

How Can You Earn Money from Blogging and Vlogging?

You can monetize your vlog or your blog by doing the following:

  • Join an affiliate program for your blog
  • You recommend a product, and the company pays you if they get a sale.
  • Display Google Adsense on your blog

When you display an ad on your blogs, you can earn from the clicks you get and other types of ad products that pay you for posting them. Of course, it’s not that easy as it sounds, but you’ll understand the more you do it on your blogs.

  • Sell sponsored blog posts.
  • Get paid for writing reviews.

The list goes on and on with what you can do to monetize your vlog or blog; you just have to invest time and learn them slowly. They will pay off in the long run.

Be an Influencer – Start Building Followers Online

Finally, the 7th in our list of money making ideas at home is becoming an influencer. An influencer is someone who has the power to affect people and their decisions by posting content online.

It means you are an authority in your area, and people listen to your opinions. You can affect their purchasing decisions, their relationship, and areas where they can relate with you.

There are many ways on how you can be an influencer, and this influencermarketinghub tackles that topic genuinely.

It doesn’t matter if you are a musician or not, if you are reading this article, then you should start building an online presence and gathering followers.

Here are significant reasons why:

  • Your followers will recommend you to other people. They may start small, but if you continually and religiously produce quality products or content, they are the ones who will help support you to other people.
  • Sites like YouTube, Facebook, and other services alike require that you have a certain number of followers to start monetizing your content.
  • If you are on Instagram, the number of followers you have will boost your marketing potentials the same way it does with YouTube and Facebook.
  • Followers are the first people to consume your product, video, or whatever you put online. They are your leading group of consumers.


Right now, we all have one common currency that we can all afford to invest – TIME. Remember the two ingredients to success I mentioned above? 

I recommend that during this time of lock down where people are mostly at home, you spend your time wisely. Find things that you can spend time on and, in return, provide value back to you (hopefully in the form of money too.)

Even after all of these have passed, the things mentioned in this article are still in effect. That is because we are now in the digital age. These things are starting to be the norm for today’s society.

Take advantage of these opportunities. Do yo have some money making ideas at home that I haven’t mentioned? I’d love to hear your ideas in the comment section.

ways how to judge a singing competition accurately

9 Ways How To Judge a Singing Competition Accurately

How many times have you watched a singing competition?

Have you ever guessed who the winner was?

Were you always surprised why the judges chose a different winner from the one you thought would win?

Here are 9 ways how to judge a singing competition accurately.

9 Ways How To Judge A Singing Competition Accurately

Above All, Sing In Tune

sing in tune

Let us face it. We all started somewhere. In this case, it’s your first time judging a particular singing competition. Yes, you are most likely scared at the thought of doing it. Don’t worry, remember these 9 ways how to judge a singing competition accurately.

Singing is like acting, but with music and especially on pitch. You convey a message using pitch and rhythm.

Singing should be and must be at all times in tune. That is one of the essential criteria for judging.

Remember, before you even start thinking about technique, character, and other stuff in singing.

Always prioritize intonation.

Do not even consider thinking of giving singers a good score just because of his or her gimmick on stage.

Make sure that they always sing on pitch. That is very crucial on how to judge a singing competition.

It takes practice and an excellent ear to check for pitch issues.

That is your top priority as a judge. Do not let a singer win if he or she cannot even hold a single note properly.


Understanding Vocal Quality

You should know that we all have a different facial bone structure. It affects the sound we project. So for every singer, the timbre or the quality of the sound is always different.
Vocal quality is affected by how a singer produces sound. Is the sound big and dark? Maybe it sounds thin and airy?


understanding voice quality

How do you score vocal quality?

Simple! Of all the contestants, the one with the most pleasing sound gets the biggest score.

The only problem with that is when you have judges who have different opinions on what is good or bad.

This scenario only happens when you hire judges who don’t know what they are doing.

A singer’s vocal quality is affected by his or her technique. Vocal placement is one of the most prominent factors that affect a singer’s voice quality.

Uniqueness Does Not Mean Quality

We all respect the opinion of every judge or individual. Respect does not mean you have to agree with the decision of the other judges. There were competitions in which I heard judges that they like a particular singer because of her or his unique sound.

Unique is a vague word. It can be many things. Be more specific with your judging criteria. Overall, you need to find the best sounding singer in the competition. That is the best kind of unique you want to see.

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Voice Range

voice range

Never give a good score based on vocal range alone. What do I mean by that? Winning competitions is not only through belting. That should not be the case all the time on how to judge a singing competition.


Yes, it is awe-inspiring when a singer can reach high notes and show off his or her vocal range. However, you want to look for a singer who can maintain an impressive quality on all ranges of the voice.

First, the low range. Can you hear the singer well when they are in their lower range? Most singers would sound mumbling in this range. Good technical singers can be heard quite clearly, even at this range.

Second, the mid vocal range. This range is where singers are most relaxed. The problem with this range is that it makes the performance a little dull when used too often.

The third is the high range. When not correctly executed, this can be an annoying part of a singer’s performance. One should know the difference between belting and mixing.


Stage Presence And Performance

Don’t sing like a dead branch! That is what I always say to a contestant during a competition. You don’t want them standing on stage for the entire performance.


stage presence

Also, moving too much can be a distraction. If the contestant sings a ballad and dances on stage like crazy, then it’s inappropriate. The same is true if you do the opposite.

Stage presence starts even before entering the stage! The charisma, the aura that a singer emits matter – their confidence on stage is critical. Don’t confuse a shy person with being humble. In a competition, you need someone who can deliver and project the message to their audience.

They need to connect with their audience! I don’t like a contestant entering the stage and looking down or up. Contestants who never make eye contact with the audience will most likely lose in the competition unless they sound outstanding.

Judges are always looking for that edge a contestant has over the other performers.


Song Choice of the Contestant

song choice of the contestant

Another reason why contestants do not win competitions is their choice of songs. Each singer has a specific sound that matches a particular genre. As a result, certain songs match specific singers.


Yes, versatility is a good thing. Being able to perform different genres of music is an advantage.

Still, one should not be careless about choosing a song for a competition.

As a judge, you must be able to see if the singer’s voice and performance match the song.

That should be crucial and part of the 9 ways how to judge a singing competition accurately.

Diction and Enunciation

Enunciation is the act of pronouncing words, while diction is the style of enunciation in speaking or in singing.

Many singers choose a song in a different language. The most common choice would be an English song. If a contestant decides to sing an English song, then it is his or her obligation to enunciate the words well in the English language.

Singing a song with a language that you are not comfortable with will most likely get you eliminated in the competition. This aspect should be within your top 9 ways how to judge singing competition accurately.

How a Singer Uses A microphone

how a singer uses a microphone

A singer should be able to use the microphone on stage properly. Sometimes, the singers don’t get to be heard correctly because of the way how they use their microphones.

Some singers tend to cup the microphone instead of holding it properly. Others sing too close to the mic, making their voice sound too loud for the audience.

Just like a microphone in a recording studio, it is your best friend on stage. Learning how to maximize the use of a microphone is a huge advantage.

Here are 5 ways on how to use a microphone properly.

Audience Impact

audience impact

A Singing Competition is for the best and the talented, not the charismatic alone.

Audience impact is something most singers and even judges do not understand. It may be related to stage presence and performance, but it does not have much bearing on the overall score.

A singer may have many friends or family in the audience cheering for them. It should not confuse your judging when people are cheering for a particular singer.

Sometimes, it’s just their friends cheering them on and nothing more.

As a judge, you must not decide based on the cheering crowd alone.
If a singer has such charisma but fails to sing in tune, then that singer should not be winning competitions.

Competitions are for the best and the talented, not the charismatic alone.


It all boils down to your preference.

What others may find pleasing could be pretty annoying for you.

Still, the things mentioned above are standard practices for finding the best deserving contestant for a singing competition.

What other things you think should be included in this list of ways how to judge a singing competition?

Let me know in the comments.

prepare for a singing competition

8 Absolutely Important Steps To Prepare for A Singing Competition


o prepare for a singing competition is to raise the chance of winning it. You do not want to waste your time joining a singing contest without even knowing what to do. Right? Perfect! I got the best tips for singing contests just for you.

Are you preparing for a singing competition in your locality? Even more significant, is a national or international singing competition. What are you doing to prepare for such an event?

A lot of singers jump right into finding what songs to sing and whatnot. This is not the way to arm your self for a battle of the voices.

Tips For Singing Contests

Here are 8 important steps that you should consider when joining competition. Let’s say they are your tips for singing auditions.

Learn what the theme of the singing competition is.

Many contestants overlook this part of the preparation process. They skip into searching songs, preparing for attires and many more. It is your job to know the details of what you are getting yourself in.

Some singing competitions have a more specific theme — for example, a singing competition for peace or nature. Maybe a theme about culture and ethnicity. Then you have those well-known open genre singing competitions such as The Voice, and X-Factor.

Informing yourself of such distinct details is essential.

Identify at least three (3) genres where you excel.

If you think this is now the time to start looking for a song to sing, then you just made another and failed to prepare for a singing competition. Ask yourself first: what genres am I good at singing?

You definitely need to identify the genres of music that you are good at singing.

Doing so narrows and minimizes the effort of choosing songs that you need to sing. Oh, so that you know, most competitions are searching for a versatile singer these days.

That is why you need to know what genres you can sing well. Just in case you need a power ballad after doing a crazy disco song, well you have to prepare a list.

Popular songs are not always the answer.

Another common mistake that contestants make is singing songs listed in the radio top hits.

Oh, come one, who wouldn’t want to sing some current hit songs?

That may work for some but remember not all songs matches your voice. Most probably you also have judges who are out of touch of the top hits and they don’t even know what song you are singing.

So what I’m suggesting is, look for songs that match the character of your voice. They most likely are not in the current hit list.

Remember we already narrowed the genres you want to choose your songs from so stick to that plan. Popular songs are not always the answer to your question.

Remember this as part of your steps to prepare for a singing competition.

Sing in a key that is right for you.

After finding the songs for your competition, don’t go practicing just yet.

Know the limits of your voice. How high or low can you sing?

If you are a baritone, then avoid singing Michael Bolton songs.

If you badly want to sing his songs, then change the key to match your voice. Don’t sing like you are screaming at your audience because you are not comfortable with the song’s key.

Get Your Music Arranged or Edited in High Quality

The truth is, most singers are not producers. There aren’t that many singers who can edit music tracks for their performances. So what usually happens is singers download their accompaniment track.

Here are the advantages of having your music arranged or edited for a specific singing competition.

First, you get to have the song tailored for you. You can set it at a musical key that matches your voice.

Second, you can shorten a song and go directly to the highlights. At the elimination stage of the competition, it’s best if you shorten your performance.

Sing the parts of the song that gets the attention of your audience and the judges right away. You don’t need to sing the entire song unless they require you.

Third, high-quality music gets more attention. Many singers use downloaded low-quality music. Judges would more likely be distracted by your music and end up ignoring you.

Lastly, if you can't find an arranger or can't pay one - sing a cappella.

Get yourself an excellent vocal coach to prepare for a singing competition

Even the best singers in Hollywood can’t do away with voice coaches. We need them. Winning a competition without a voice coach is a great feat, but professionals do not recommend it. You need someone to teach you what to do to prepare for a singing competition.

Excellent vocal coaches show you what to do on stage.

They correct your singing habits and ultimately contribute to your overall performance. Not to mention, coaches are great morale boosters.

“Well, I have my parents as my vocal coach.”

I really wouldn’t want you to do that. Only if your parents happened to be outstanding voice coaches, you should be hiring someone legit. The statistics of successful singing careers are associated mostly with vocal coaches, not your relatives.

Even big recording studios have vocal coaches involved in the process of recording. So don’t ignore the importance of hiring vocal coaches.

Dress Appropriately

Remind yourself that you are joining a singing competition, not a fashion show. Although your appearance may help you to some extent, you should do things in moderation.

You would not want to wear sexy lingerie and sing an inspirational song in a competition. That is preposterous! 

I have seen contestants commit this mistake. Please don’t. Seriously consider this as part of the tips for singing audition.

Your appearance should match your performance – remember that. We call it consistency.

Sing Healthy – Never Practice Too Much

Ever heard of the term “warm down?” When competition date approaches, you should tone down on your rehearsal routine. Practicing too much may tire your voice and damage your performance.

Always find a way to take care of your voice all the time.

Eat the right food, sleep on time, especially before a competition. All of your preparations are nothing if you don’t have your voice on the day of the competition.

Preparing For A Singing Contest Is Halfway Winning Already

It pays to prepare for anything that you will be going through. A test in school, board exams, and competitions. It takes away the pressure of not knowing what to do when the moment comes.

Once you have practiced everything properly many times over, the actual performance becomes much easier and less daunting for you as the performer.

If you find these 8 essentials steps to prepare for a singing competition, please leave a comment below.

excuses for being late

6 Cringeworthy Excuses For Being Late

When People Are Late For Rehearsals

There is nothing more hilarious and irritating than the made-up excuses for being late for rehearsals. Everyone has that friend or two who always have a story to tell when they come late. So I made a list of extremely common excuses for people who are late for rehearsals.

6 Cringeworthy Excuses for Being Late

I am on my way

When it comes to excuses for being late, this phrase has got to be at the top when people are late for an appointment. This phrase has fooled many. You text or call someone where they at and then the most natural response they always have is “I am on my way.”

The truth of the matter is that you were the reason they just woke up. Thanks to you they remembered your appointment. It’s as if you owe them the wake-up calls.

Honestly, the phrase “I am on my way” can mean many things. Your friend might be going to the bathroom, to a bus stop or wherever that may mean. One thing’s for sure; they are not on their way to your meeting place just yet.

They are blaming the driver.

Yep! The list of excuses won’t be complete without hearing your friend blame the driver. Not everyone owns a car, so I am pretty sure you also had your fair share of “blaming the driver story.

This approach would include your late friend as the victim and how oppressive the driver was. The story would tell you how the driver drove around the city to drop other passengers (if it was a tricycle). Another version would be that the driver didn’t know the place your friend was getting at.

The story may have different details, but the format is all the same. The driver is the culprit, and your friend is the victim.

Accidents and Traffic

For those who are residing in urban areas where traffic is a normal thing, hearing stories involving traffic is pretty standard. The story would most likely tell how bad the traffic was, and they have no control over the situation.

Occasionally, you would hear the inclusion of accidents that caused traffic. Hence, your friend is late.

Another variant of this story is how they had to avoid traffic enforcers. Your friend has no necessary documents to drive and how they needed to avoid apprehension.

I had to do an errand or a chore for my parents.

Another pretty standard story of why your friend is late is because they had to help someone. We all have that helping hand in our group. So helpful that they would prioritize helping others than being on time for rehearsals.

This classic excuse would involve their mother asking them to do a chore or an errand. Variants of this story are also available. They couldn’t say no to their parents because they are such obedient children. They’d rather have you wait and be late than break their parent’s hearts.

Not feeling well, but I have to attend practice.

I don’t know about you, but I do have members in my vocal group who would blame you for making them come to rehearsals. They would put it in a way that you owe them an apology.

The story goes something like this; they were supposed to be recovering, but they couldn’t miss the rehearsal. These late members are practically heroes for showing up to rehearsals — quite a good excuse for why they are late.

Technically, you can also consider this as “it’s your fault for making them come to rehearsal.”

The rain is heavy. I can’t leave the house.

The list won’t be complete if you can’t hear someone blame the weather for being late for rehearsals. The most common culprit would be rain. They can’t get out of the house because it rains. Getting a cab or a tricycle is not easy because it rains.

They can’t seem to get to rehearsal on time because of the rain.

Excuses for being late for rehearsals never ran out.

How about you? Will you agree that these ate the extremely common excuses of people who are always late for rehearsals? Tell me your thoughts in the comment below.

Luha Funny Viral Singer Wows Everyone With His New Video

Remember that viral video of a guy singing a ridiculous version of Luha? Well, the luha funny viral singer wows everyone with his new video.

The song “Luha” was released by the band Aegis way back in 2002, and it topped the charts during those days. Local groups and solo singers were covering it in many gigs and festivals. It was a big hit before YouTube became a thing.

Luha Funny Viral Singer

Lately, in the advent of social media and the internet, a funny version of the song went viral. A guy named Jryl Efos Maliza sang it in an amusing way which took the internet by storm. It seemed that he didn’t know what he was doing. He was way out of tune, and the syllabication and pronunciation of the song was ridiculous

It would seem that he is not a singer because everything is not how it should sound. It turns out that they were filming this on purpose. His seemingly out of tune, hilarious way of singing is not his real voice.

This funny viral rendition became an expression for many. Odd as it seemed, many Filipinos imitate such singing style because the average non-English speaking Filipino would somehow sing it this way.

Luha Funny Viral Singer Wows Everyone With His New Video

A video posted on Jr. Cuyam’s YouTube channel is showing a different version of Jril Efos Maliza.

Contrary to his first viral video of Luha, he is singing well in this video. You can see him here doing the solo in the opening part of the video. He is then joined in at the chorus with his friends doing back up vocals. The video is a cover song of Hunter Hayes’s Invisible.

The new video showing the excellent singing skill of Jril Efos Maliza is over two hundred thousand views and is still rising.

Are you one of those who thought this guy couldn’t sing? Well, share this article so you can also surprise your friends.

why it's hard to play the violin

7 Intense Reasons Why It’s Hard To Play The Violin

I may know a bit why it’s hard to play the violin

I can always hear people ask why it’s hard to play the violin. I too think it’s hard to play. I do not have any scientific proof or research data to back my claim. I have the experience, and I happen to play a few other instruments.

By far, the violin is the hardest to learn. So why am I even teaching it in the first place? Because I love it. Here are the reasons why I think the violin is the hardest instrument to learn.

Awkward Instrument Handling

The first few lessons when you enroll in a violin class is not about music-making. It is all about proper handling.

For some students, it may take two to three sessions to get it right. Unlike the piano or the guitar, you need to hold the violin concerning your physique.

Not all my students have the same finger sizes and lengths. So you need to adjust and adapt for each student and every scenario.

Holding the violin is also very relative to your student’s body structure. Some students have long necks and thin while others are short and round.

You need to consider these differences, so you have the instrument adjusted for your students. Wrong handling causes discomfort and even injury.

When left unchecked, it may become a habit leading to poor techniques.

No fret boards require high accuracy for intonation.

The frets on a guitar can guide your students on where to place their fingers. Not the violin. Playing without frets is one technical hurdle that all students must overcome.

Beginners may find it frustrating to tune their playing.

It takes a hundred thousand proper repetitions to master something

When you press the keys on a piano, there is an internal mechanism that strikes the strings, and you have a sound – a precise sound.

The violin is not like that. You need to be accurate all the time. That is why it’s hard to play the violin.

Left Hand Vs. Right Hand

Another thing you need to keep a close watch is the coordination of your left hand with the right hand.

It is a problem enough to get your pitch right with the left hand; you also then need to mind your right hand.

The right-hand holds the bow, which is in charge of producing the sound. Beginners find it hard to control the bow at first. Hence, their shaky tonality.

When doing hard, fast passages, a violinist needs to have his hands working together or else the performance is a mess. One hand cannot be faster than the other; it should be both at the same time when required.

You are playing against gravity.

When you sit on a piano stool, you use gravity at your advantage to relax. Your fingers are placed nicely on top of the keys.

Gravity is a friend. The violin must be held parallel with the floor. Hence, the constant struggle to hold it in place.

Now, your fingers press the fingerboard pushing the violin down. Your job is to play on the fingerboard while keeping the violin from falling.

The horizontal motion of the fingers is against the downward pull of gravity. That horizontal finger movement must be kept precise and in tune at all times.


If keeping the violin parallel and in place is hard, then vibrato is something else. The most common approach for teaching vibrato is leaning your violin scroll on a wall.

Leaning keeps your instrument from shaking with your struggling finger. Vibrato for starters tends to make them play out of tune.

It also shakes their instrument out of place. Generally, vibrato takes time, and I mean years. That’s why it’s hard to play the violin.

It is a gradual growth with the music. You need to commit yourself to practice.

We sounded terrible at the beginning of it all.

Beginners do not sound good at first.

Beginners always do not sound good at first.

As I said, a beginner piano student can make a good sound right off the bat because the instrument does it for them.

Meanwhile, you can get unwanted attention, and unsolicited door knocks from irritated people if you play the violin.


It sounds more like a scratch than music when beginners practice. If you hear your parents tell you that you are great when you only had a week’s lesson, then honey – you aren’t.

It takes patience and commitment to change a scratch to a soothing melody. Yes, your neighbors do not love hearing you practice when you are a beginner.

That is why there is an accessory for muting your instrument when practicing.

Regarding practice, you might want to read the 6 cringeworthy excuses of people late for rehearsals.

It needs to be tuned CONSTANTLY

In addition to the many things that makes the violin hard to learn, you also need to tune it. How often?

Every time you hold a violin, it always starts by tuning it. Temperature affects the wood that even if you don’t use it, I guarantee you it goes out of tune.

The slight drop or rise of the temperature puts your strings out of tune in addition to the requirement of tonal precision.

You need to learn how to tune your instrument yourself. For most, it does not come easy. You break many strings in the process. Additional reason why it’s hard to play the violin.

So why pick the hardest instrument to learn?

I may need to write another article for this, but here are a few reasons why we still want to learn the hardest instrument.

  • First, it is the closest sound to a human voice.
  • The dynamic interpretation that you can do with it is phenomenal.
  • You can play it without a band to accompany you.
  • Once mastered, it is one of the loveliest instruments to hear.

Most importantly, it is an instrument that doesn’t tire the ears fast. Once you have mastered it, audiences can tolerate hours of listening to the tune of a violin.

under-compensated overworked artist

Badly Under-Compensated Overworked Artist

Are You an Underpaid but Overworked Artist?

Are you an under-compensated overworked artist? If you are in the circle of musicians that live off performing in gigs and events, then you probably have heard the following concerns.

  • Low paying clients.
  • Clients who think you should be paid free to perform.
  • People not paying musicians properly for their service.
  • Event organizers or coordinators do not appropriately treat you.

These are only a few of the issues that musicians and artists have to face now and then.

Here are the following things you should consider when hiring a musician or an artist.

More importantly, music lessons are expensive!

Money Spent On Their Education

Education is a very important factor to consider when hiring a musician. Music education can be formal or informal. What do we mean by that?

Formal music education is studying in conservatories or attending seminars, workshops, and music lessons. Informally educated musicians are those who learn mostly by actually making music and performing.

Regardless, both fields are essential to consider when hiring them. Musicians spent money and time learning their craft.

Rehearsal Time and Space preparing for the event

Clients and event organizers should consider rehearsal space rentals and time spent by musicians. They need to practice, and they practice a lot! They want to give your event a pretty darn good show.

Therefore, they need to practice, and they do it a lot. Not all of them have rehearsal space. Some of them are paying for the space to do their rehearsals.

Imagine spending more money on rehearsal space than the amount you receive from performing – absolutely ridiculous.

Food During Rehearsals

I don’t know about you, but I spent money on food. Practicing with an empty stomach is not a good practice at all. Especially if you are working with a group of musicians or maybe an orchestra. They need to feed or else there is less energy in the rehearsals.

It may not always be that you have to feed an entire team during practice, but now and then you do need to feed them. Musicians go the extra mile when you feed them well, remember that!

Artists need to be valued and compensated – properly.

Transportation Expenses

Musicians travel – that’s it. They pay for it. First, to meet clients. That could be more than twice. Second, rehearsal transportation is a real thing, and it costs money! The more rehearsals they do, the better the performance, the more consideration need to pay for transportation.

Outfit – Pay for their looks.

Most often, you would want to hire musicians who look presentable. For significant events, they need to dress appropriately. For some, it means the need to rent a gown or something grand for the event. Outfit requires money, event organizers or clients should take into consideration the fact that their fee should cover such expenses.

The gravity of the performance.

Some clients would want you to perform an absurd thirty to a hundred songs for a fraction of the cost. I am just exaggerating, but the point is, sometimes we are an underpaid and overworked artist. Misunderstanding is sometimes due to the lack of clarity of the transaction.

If the required performance is quite taxing for the performer, then the least a client or organizer can do to compensate should be to raise the talent fee.

Under-compensated overworked artist no more.

Quality is synonymous with a good paycheck. Talents and outstanding artists, when compensated properly, thrives. When clients and organizers get excellent performances, they get good business. When everybody is well taken care of, the community grows.

Let us all take into consideration the benefits of helping each other. This article is not to condemn but to educate. To avoid seeing an underpaid but overworked artist.

So, the next time you get to be asked to perform for a price. Educate and negotiate.