Luha Funny Viral Singer Wows Everyone With His New Video

Remember that viral video of a guy singing a ridiculous version of Luha? Well, the luha funny viral singer wows everyone with his new video.

The song “Luha” was released by the band Aegis way back in 2002, and it topped the charts during those days. Local groups and solo singers were covering it in many gigs and festivals. It was a big hit before YouTube became a thing.

Luha Funny Viral Singer

Lately, in the advent of social media and the internet, a funny version of the song went viral. A guy named Jryl Efos Maliza sang it in an amusing way which took the internet by storm. It seemed that he didn’t know what he was doing. He was way out of tune, and the syllabication and pronunciation of the song was ridiculous

It would seem that he is not a singer because everything is not how it should sound. It turns out that they were filming this on purpose. His seemingly out of tune, hilarious way of singing is not his real voice.

This funny viral rendition became an expression for many. Odd as it seemed, many Filipinos imitate such singing style because the average non-English speaking Filipino would somehow sing it this way.

Luha Funny Viral Singer Wows Everyone With His New Video

A video posted on Jr. Cuyam’s YouTube channel is showing a different version of Jril Efos Maliza.

Contrary to his first viral video of Luha, he is singing well in this video. You can see him here doing the solo in the opening part of the video. He is then joined in at the chorus with his friends doing back up vocals. The video is a cover song of Hunter Hayes’s Invisible.

The new video showing the excellent singing skill of Jril Efos Maliza is over two hundred thousand views and is still rising.

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