How To Write A Song Like A Pro

how to write a song

Learn neat tricks to get through songwriter’s block and generate new ideas. Make your workflow faster by following our guides and see yourself create better music.

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Simplifying Chord Progressions Used By Hit Songs in 2020

I am a fan of yesteryear’s hits. You may argue that beauty is in simplicity, but sometimes people are too lazy to learn new tricks in their songwriting skills that they end up sounding awful and bland. Complex arrangements are beautiful too. Several elements affect how a song…


Best Song Structure Techniques For The 21st Century Songwriter

Basic Structure of A Song A song structure is a framework that dictates the flow of your song and the elements that are in it. In other words, it is the skeleton that your entire song is built on. It is a combination of different parts or sections that makes the entire whole of your…


4 Effective Ways On How To Write Song Lyrics

Not everyone will agree, but for me, songwriting is all about getting the message across. It’s your content that matters the most while your music is there to lift it. The question is, how can you write better lyrics? Are there more effective ways on how to write song…

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17 Guaranteed Songwriting Tips To Make Better Songs

Guaranteed Songwriting Tips and Techniques This is a compilation of songwriting tips and tricks that will surely give a good head start for anyone new in songwriting. For those who are already writing songs for some time now, you may find the following concepts to be a reminder or…

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13 Highly Effective Songwriting Habits To Improve Your Songwriting Skills

Habits To Improve Your Songwriting Skills F or someone to succeed in, he has to develop a set of good habits that will prepare him for success. A boxer prepares for a match by doing all the routines he needs to be in shape. To win competitions, athletes need to develop good…


5 Crucial Skills Needed To Be A Songwriter

Songs can send messages far more effective than written words. Time and time again, songs have captivated the listeners’ emotions. Songs were written to make us cry, laugh, and love. It’s those who write such songs that have mastered the skills to move people through music…