learn music theory online

Learn Music Theory Online

If you want to get better at songwriting, playing your instrument or anything regarding music, IT IS IMPERATIVE that you learn music theory to some degree.

Plenty of students or even seasoned musicians do not value the importance of music theory. Yes, music theory is not everything, but it is something that when embraced fully, can catapult your musical prowess to heights unknown.

Below are some music theory lessons made easy

Basic RGB

Discovering Time Signature for Beginners Lesson 4

Discovering Time Signature for Beginners Every piece of music has a pulse or a count that keeps it in time. The number of beats in each measure usually remains the same in the entire piece. This underlying beat per measure is called TIME SIGNATURES or METER SIGNATURES. This article…

Intervals and Accidentals In Music Lesson 3

Accidentals in music – this article discusses the lesson on accidentals and intervals. You must learn previous topics before this discussion to better understand the materials in this article. You may read the topic about rest and note values or the fundamentals of music…

A Clear Way To Explain Notes and Rests Lesson 2

A clear way to explain notes and rests This article will explain notes and rests in music. If you haven’t read the article on the fundamentals of music theory, I strongly recommend that you read it first before continuing with this article. This article discusses the…

The Easiest Way To Learn The Fundamentals Of Music Theory 2020

Fundamentals of Music Theory Many thinks that reading music is hard. In my experience, it’s not. It only takes a few minutes of your time to understand the basic concept of standard music notation. What takes time is the sight reading skills of an individual. This article…