Get More Facebook Likes Without Begging For It In 2020

Do you post any of the following captions on Facebook?

Hi guys! Please like my song.

Please follow me on YouTube and like my content.

Let us support each other, like my song, and I will like yours.

Sounds familiar? Although it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the wrong way of marketing your music online, it isn’t the best.

You see, it sounds more like begging, and I believe there are better and dignified ways to promote your stuff or your music online.

Your goals by the end of this post are:

So, if you want to know how to start promoting your music and other content formats properly, let’s get started.

Support A Friend and Get More Facebook Likes Myth

get more facebook likes

Almost every budding artist who just started to learn how to use the internet and social media to promote their content falls into the trap of begging for likes and follows without them realizing it.

I know it because I used to do it myself until I realized that people are starting to get annoyed with what I was doing.

The Empathy Turned Begging Marketing Strategy

On the surface, there seems to be nothing wrong with this post, but if we take a closer look, we can learn a thing or two from it.

Although there is nothing wrong with helping out a friend, it is also not a good formula for building your brand. I am referring to the approach where you knock on everyone’s conscience that it is their duty as friends to support you or your business.

Here are some good practices you can implement when you are sharing your content online and building your followers.

Value of Content First Before Asking For Likes and Subscriptions

value of content first!

It’s pretty annoying when someone is asking for likes and subscriptions while their video, article, or whatever content format is not even tolerable at best.

When you are creating content, whether it’s a music video, a vlog, or an article like this one, it should have something of value if you are aiming to get more Facebook likes.

People need to know what they are signing up for. Is it worth their time watching, listening or reading?

It’s your job as content creator to ensure that people get what they want and you deliver more than what you’ve promised them.

Don't Wait To Be An Expert To Start Building Content.

't wait to become an expert

I mentioned above that content should be valuable in whatever format you offer your audience. Most people would then switch to a default mode that says, “I am not an expert in my field.”

That right there, is another reason why most artists don’t grow an audience online.

Do not wait to become the leading expert in your field. You will always be above someone else. The truth is that the knowledge you impart will always find its way to someone who needs it.

Whatever you have right now, start with it, but do remember to add value as much as you can.

How To Add Value To Your Content?

Valuable content is any piece of content that contains information that your audience cannot get somewhere else.

It does not have to be original, because you can create a recording of your version of someone else’s song – it’s called a cover version.

You just need to add your sound, your touch, and perspective to a particular topic or song to make it valuable.

Here are some ideas that can give you insights into what valuable contents are and help you get more Facebook likes.

Educate People With Your Content

Now, more than ever before, people use the internet to learn something new. Whether they want to learn how to cook, play basketball, or produce music, they are looking for content that can help them.

My entire website is a music education site that provides education for those who want to learn how to write songs and produce their music.

My content is valuable for certain people who are looking to be educated in these areas. I created a video and wrote an article on this topic to inform people who want to produce music at home.

An example of a post that educates is this article I created about a complete guide if you want setup your home recording studio.

Provides Answers To Questions

Every day people are using the internet to find answers to their questions. If you can provide solutions to their inquiries, they will want to watch or read your content. This is one of the best ways to get more Facebook likes.

It’s a powerful way to make someone become a subscriber because you have given them valuable information to something they are looking for.

It’s much like educating people with your content, but answering questions is a more specific, more targeted approach.

If you want to educate people, it tends to call upon the general audience who may have come across your video or your post.

Whereas, if you answer a specific question, you narrow down your target audience. For example, this post that I wrote for people who are judging a singing competition. I provide answers to people who are asking how exactly do you judge a singing competition.

Offer A Step by Step Solution To A Problem

Another way to attract people to like your post is to offer a solution to their problem. It’s almost the same approach as providing an answer to someone’s question.

The significant difference in this approach is that you offer a step by step process to solve the problem that people have.

This falls into the category of tutorials and guides. 

Make Your Content Engaging or Entertaining

The attention span is very short these days, and it will only grow shorter as more content is readily available online.

If you want to get followers and subscribers, make sure that whatever you post online should be very entertaining or engaging.

Some people want to be entertained while some want to learn. However they want to consume content online, you need to make your content entertaining. Doing so will ensure you get more Facebook likes.

You can do that in many ways, like creating a catchy intro, making memes, or whatever strategy you know that works. Do not be scared to experiment until you get to a point where your contents are entertaining.

Be Relevant and Informative

Never waste people’s time. This is where a lot of content creators fail. Time is something that you cannot take back once you give it away.

Have you ever watched a video so bad that you regretted watching it, and it felt like you wasted a few minutes of your life?

Do not scam people by writing an exciting title, and your content is irrelevant. That is called click-baiting, and people hate that.

When people offer their time to watch, listen, or read your content, it means that they value your substance. It would be an insult to their time spent if you are not relevant or informative.

One example I do to let people know I value their time spent on my website, and all my content is offering them this beautifully created eBook.

Your Title Says It All

The quote is from a marketing legend known for his amazing headlines that attract readers.

Remember to write amazing or, at the very least, attractive headlines. Today, people are bombarded with a ton of content online, and you need to find ways to make your content stand out.

An engaging headline can make all the difference. Let me show you.

Let’s say you’ve created a video tutorial on how to record your vocals. Which of the two headlines below do you think will get more attention? Which of them will get more Facebook likes?

Headline number two will win the competition every day of the week!

The second headline uses power words that trigger or call upon the emotion of your reader. 

Using words like ultimate and commercial radio quality makes all the difference.

Someone searching a guide for recording vocals online would most probably choose to click on the second headline.

Does that mean the first headline won’t get any attention? No! It will get attention, but it will get way too less attention than the second headline.

Audio Is King For Podcast and Video Content Makers

The vast majority of new content makers do not know this concept, but this will make or break your videos or podcast.

Remember, people can forgive the wrong camera angle or frame, especially when the content creator is starting and doesn’t know much about videography.

People can tolerate that as long as the content is engaging and valuable.

But, people can never forgive a poorly recorded audio. Whether you are podcasting or making music videos, never sacrifice audio quality. People can’t tolerate poor sound.

Convince People Instead of
Begging For Likes

Now that we know the importance of value-added content and why it matters, it’s time that you learn to convince people to like your content instead of begging for their likes.


Not Everyone Will Like It So Chill and Keep Going

If you want to get more Facebook likes then start thinking like it’s building a business in the real world. It takes time, effort, and for some, even money.

Each time you publish a music video, a podcast, or an article, not everyone will like it. Heck, not everyone will watch, listen, or read it either.

So do not obsess yourself with the number and the analytics, instead, keep going with the intention to publish content so that you could help or entertain someone out there.

But do remember always to make better content each time you publish.

Understanding The Facebook Algorithm

Get More like

If you haven’t noticed it yet, Facebook tracks user behavior. There are algorithm behaviors you need to watch to get more Facebook likes.

When you do not interact with certain people on Facebook, they don’t show on your news feed.

When you don’t like a particular video or a specific ad on Facebook and skip or close it, Facebook remembers that and avoids showing you those ads.

If you post a music video online, and you tag people who aren’t interested in music, Facebook remembers that behavior.

Your understanding of the algorithm is essential with your content promotion. Knowing who to target and how to target your audience is as crucial as planning your next music video.

Does That Mean I Need To Stop Asking For Likes?

Heck NO! It only means you need to start sharing your content with the relevant people who will be interested in your content. Not everyone on your Facebook friend list will take an interest in your post.

It may be a smaller number of fans, but they will more likely engage. Meaning, you will have a higher conversion rate because you’ve reached the right people.

should I beg for likes

Now, these people will more likely want to share your content because it’s within their interest. Think about it, if you’ve targeted ten people who are interested in your content and those 10 share them on their social profiles, your content reach multiplies even more and you get more Facebook likes.

That’s why we call it Social Networking.

The Best Way To Ask For Likes

facebook page flat

Instead of simply asking your friends to like your page, tell them to engage or react to your post. Leave a comment or share the content.

A kind reminder, if you have already done the initial requirements of how to make value-added content, asking for friends to engage won’t be that hard anymore.

The more interaction you get with your small targeted audience will slowly bring your content to a broader audience.