Kaibigang Kaibigan by Kuerdas Gensan 2019

They are considered to be the leading reggae band of South Cotabato – Kuerdas Gensan. The group has just released their newest single, Kaibigang Kaibigan by Kuerdas Gensan – Official Music Video. The song is about someone who dearly loves a friend but that friend could not love her back.

Kuerdas Gensan – Leading Reggae Band of South Cotabato

More or less 15 years of music making and advocating reggae music, Kuerdas Gensan is at a bright spot in their career. It didn’t come easy for the group though. Jayson Ugbaniel also known as “Angkol Onyok” the band leader, had it rough over the years. Looking for members to stay behind and actually be part of the team was a challenging task.

It was only recently that the group finally found the faces that stuck with the name Kuerdas Gensan.

Now, Kuerdas is a local icon when it comes to reggae music. If you happen to attend one of their performances, then you would know how well they can command their crowd to jam and dance with them. Their experience as stage performers shines through that their music connects with the audience in a way that no other local band can.

So, without a shadow of a doubt, this group is actually the leading reggae band of South Cotabato.

Kaibigang Kaibigan by Kuerdas Gensan

Kaibigang Kaibigan Official Music Video

Angkol Onyok” is not just the band leader but also the composer of most of the band’s music. It doesn’t come as a surprise anymore to know that he wrote this new work of art – Kaibigang Kaibigan

Music production involved the entire band in partnership with Bem Orchestrator Productions for the recording of the song Kaibigang Kaibigan by Kuerdas Gensan.

The video production was provided by Zoe Motion Pixel. Director of Photography and Video Editing by Eric Emit.