3 Heartbreaking Reasons Why Artists Are Poor

A common misconception about artists

Why Before finding my groove financially as a music producer, I too had to deal with people and even family members who think I don’t have a future making music. Here are 3 undeniable reasons why artists are poor.

“Don’t do music or else you will starve.”
These were the words I would often hear from people who don’t understand what I do, and family members or relatives are no exception.

Before we even begin to try and answer why most people think that artists are poor, I would like to share 3 types of poor artists I have come to observe over the years.

The Mentally Poor


We are not talking about academics here or how high your IQ level is. This category would refer to artists who do not strive to go higher and further than where they currently are with their craft. These are people who think spending money on their education, seminar or a workshop is a lousy investment and would rather spend money on a new gadget or instrument they like.

You should grab every opportunity to learn. The best investment you can do is to invest in yourself, to be better with what you do every day. To be our critic and to continually fill your mind with precious knowledge every chance you get.

Are You A Poor Thinking Artist?

Excellence is a state of mind which eventually becomes a habit – proper practice!

​Mentally poor artists are those who do not want to leave their comfort zone, those who lost the drive to enhance their skills or fill their minds with knowledge so they could be a better version of themselves – musically speaking.

Artists are those who do not want to leave their comfort zone, those who lost the drive to enhance their skills or fill their minds with knowledge so they could be a better version of themselves – musically speaking. That is why some people think artists are poor.

The Socially Poor

Even if you have many ideas, but you have no audience to hear it, you are going nowhere. The second reason I think why artists are poor.

It is equally essential to be able to find and build the right connections with the right people to propel your career in music or any art form. We are musicians/artists; we need an audience to see and hear our craft. We also need other people to make music or art.

No matter how good geniuses like Beethoven and Mozart were, they too needed to build their social skills to connect with the audience, their sponsors for the sake of their business (career).

At this point, I have come to realize that success is not a lonely journey, and it should never be. Go out there and start building an audience!

The Financial Illiterate

How do you spend that money in your pocket?

We can look at why artists are poor at how they spend their money?

This one is a pretty common disease that plagues most artists today. They do not understand the concept of financial literacy. Not being financially literate can easily lead you to see why artists are poor.

Are you one of those artists who can’t wait to spend their money right after earning it? Have you asked yourself twice multiplied by a thousand if you needed that new gadget or instrument?

Do you even have a plan on what to do with your current earning, and how can you make use of it and multiply it?

Financial literacy is the ability to understand how money works: how someone makes, manages and invests it, and also expends it (primarily when one donates to charity) to help others.


Yes, I understand, money is not everything but…

Money can do many good things for your career and your craft when adequately utilized. Do not get too excited always to spend your hard-earned money!

Learn how to save and invest with what little amount you have. Whoever is faithful with small things shall be allowed to handle large ones.

Many artists are broke not because they do not earn much. It’s because they spend much higher than their income. They do have time for their vices rather than thinking of ways on how to grow their finances.

Don’t be financially illiterate!

Why artists are poor depends upon them.

Because chances are they are right! We might be the very reason why people watching us thinks so.

A few years ago, when I was starting to build my career. I spent most of my time learning in front of a computer. My father had to help me to feed my daughter.

One day, my father snapped and said these words…

“Your music can’t even buy milk for your daughter.”

Over the years, I did all I can to enrich myself mentally. I Built my connections and most especially, be financially literate as not to waste my hard-earned money.

Today, I finance my father’s small farm, and when neighbors ask him where he gets the money, he would reply…

My son is a musician!