Beauty and the Beast by 2 Gensan Singers

Two GenSan Singers Sing Beauty and the Beast

Gensan Singers Sing Beauty and the Beast. Gensan Pop Idol has been is the biggest singing competition in the city of General Santos. Sponsored by the local government and headed by the Youth Affairs Development Program.

Director Elmer D. Cequiña founded this singing competition. Since then, it has discovered many talented singers of the city. More importantly, it has brought talents in national and international competitions. It is a yearly summer singing competition under the GenSan Summer Youth Festival.

Jay Zuyco sings the part of Peabo Bryson. Lyka Estrella sings the part of Celine Dion. We based this arrangement from the original soundtrack. As a result, we now have this amazing version.

The Beautiful and The Ugly

It’s a story that defies conventional standards of attraction and relationship. A beautiful maiden falling in love with a hideous creature. A former prince cursed because of his attitude. Love is his only way out.

A 1991 animated musical film fantasy by Walt Disney based on a french fairy tale of the same name. Jeanne-Marie Leprince de Beaumont wrote the story. She was not credited in the english version but in the french version.

The Original Sountrack

Released on October 24, 1991, the song was a sensational hit until today. It defined the childhood of many. It also aired in many radio stations back in the day and now Hollywood has produced a new movie and a new version of the soundtrack.

Celine Dion and Peabo Bryson sang the original soundtrack. I personally liked it even until today. Both singers were at the peaked of their careers during the release of this hit.

In this cover, two (2) Gensan Singers sing Beauty and the Beast. Bem Orchestrator Productions Produced the Music Video. Music Production by Fernan Globen S. Talonding. You can subscribe to Gensan Artist to see more amazing videos like this.